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Case Status

The USPS has informed Class Counsel that the final settlement share checks should be mailed no later than December 15, 2008 instead of late November 2008 to all valid claimants who did not submit a signed release form.

Two checks will be issued. One check represents payment for compensatory damages. This amount will be reported at year end on a Form 1099.

The second check represents a back pay lump sum payment. This amount will be reported on the employee's calendar year 2008 Form W-2. As indicated in your release form, your lump sum back pay award is subject to income tax and withholding. As such, applicable deductions were withheld from your lump sum back pay check.

Deductions included:

Any questions must be sent to Class Counsel by fax at 303.927.3860 or email us at The Global Settlement Agreement and related documents can be viewed on this website.

If your address has changed, please click here, Change of Address Form and follow the instructions to submit this form.

Updated February 1, 2010

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